Natural Olivine Crystal Tree


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This natural Olivine crystal tree is a beautiful and unique piece that can bring peace and calmness to any space. Handmade with care, this tree-shaped crystal is perfect for use in feng shui and crystal healing practices. Its natural beauty and peaceful energy make it a great addition to any room. Whether used for meditation or simply as a decorative piece, this Olivine crystal tree is sure to bring positive energy and balance to your home.

Product Details

  • Handmade natural Olivine crystal tree
  • Comes in the shape of a tree
  • Feng Shui style
  • Weight: 25g to 40g
  • Height: 90mm to 100mm

About Olivine Crystal

  • Olivine is a mineral that is naturally occurring and is found in many types of rocks.
  • It is known for its green color and is considered a valuable gemstone.
  • It is believed to bring peace and calmness to those who carry or use it.


  • Perfect for use in feng shui and crystal healing practices
  • Can be placed in a room to enhance the flow of positive energy
  • Can be used as a decoration piece in any room
  • Can be held during meditation to promote calmness and peace.