Blue Flower of Life Spiritual Mat




This Blue Flower of Life Energy Rug is the perfect addition to your yoga and meditation practice. Hand-tufted with 100% polyester material, this anti-slip rug is not only durable but also easy to clean.

The rug’s intricate design features the sun, moon, stars, Metatron hexagram, and magic circles, making it an ideal divination rug for witchcraft, astrology, and spiritual practices. The rug’s round shape and non-slip feature make it perfect as a meditation rug or a bedside rug for children’s rooms.

This rug is also suitable for singing bowl meditation and serves as a Reiki rug, Pendulum rug, Mandala rug, Chakra rug, and Buddhist rug, making it a versatile addition to your meditation practice. The Flower of Life Round Rug on this mat is known to offer spiritual healing and enhance your meditation practice.

Experience the power of the Blue Flower of Life Energy Rug and bring more peace and balance to your life. This rug is not just a product, but an investment in your health and well-being.