If you are a meditation lover, it’s obvious that you have heard of something super cool called Full Moon Meditation. You can picture yourself chilling out under the bright full moon and diving into calming practices.

So, are you ready to find the beauty in this cool way of meditating? Come along as we begin our beginner’s Journey into full moon meditation and explore the awesomeness together.

What is The Power of The Full Moon?

Have you ever wondered about the amazing power of the full moon? Precisely, the full moon is the moment when it shines the brightest and represents a sense of fullness and clear brightness.

This is a strong time when the moon is directly across from the sun and everything in the universe is balanced. There’s a traditional belief that the full moon influences the movement of water in creation. Even Buddhists view it as a period for spiritual contemplation. Also, the full moon is linked to changes in our thoughts and feelings. For this reason, the word “lunatic” is used to describe it.

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You will be surprised to know that it’s not just about the glow or brightness. In fact, there are lots of stories and traditions linked to the full moon. Some say it can bring good luck, while others think it’s a time for reflection and setting new goals.

What Does Full Moon Meditation Mean?

Full moon meditation is a simple yet powerful way to connect with nature and your inner self. It is a special kind of meditation that happens when the moon is at its fullest and brightest in the night sky. Similarly, it’s about finding stillness during life’s hustle and bustle. 

Thus, this meditation is not just about sitting quietly. In truth, it’s a chance to let go of worries and feel the peaceful energy inside you. Through this meditation, people can cleanse their minds and embrace a sense of completeness under the enchanting moonlight.

How to Do Full Moon Meditation?

There are various ways to engage in full moon meditation. You can follow the process outlined below.

Doing Meditation

·        Find a quiet, comfortable place where you can see the moonlight.

·        Sit down comfortably and close your eyes.

·        This time, allow the moon’s rays to fill the room and your body.

·        Concentrate on the breath or body movement you’ve set for your meditation.

·        Start meditation and imagine that moonlight cleansing your body, mind, and spirit.

·        Repeat this process as many times as you want before and after five hours of moonlight.

·        When done, gradually shift your focus back to the present and open your eyes.

Organize A Moon Circle

Engaging in moon circles provides a way to tap into the power of the full moon. It involves gathering with friends to celebrate moonlight together. During a full moon circle, you can express intentions, actively listen to other’s aspirations, and decide what to release. The process also allows for more creativity. For example, you can do it through candles, chanting, incense, dancing, or even playing a playlist that contains astrological signs of the full moon.

Take A Moon Bath

You can relax and try a moon bath as a type of moonlight meditation. To do this, find a quiet spot outside where you can see the moon’s gentle light. Sit down and let the moonlight wash over you, bringing a sense of calm.

Close your eyes, pay attention to your breathing, and feel the gentle vibes of nature. Let the moonlight clear your thoughts and refresh your spirit under the night’s beauty.

Full Moon Meditation Benefits:

The benefits of full moon meditations are huge and needless to say. It encompasses physical relaxation, mental clarity, and emotional balance and brings spiritual enrichment.

Physical Benefits:

·        Enhanced relaxation and stress reduction

·        Improved sleep quality

·        Regulation of hormonal balance

·        Increased energy levels

·        Alleviation of muscle tension

·        Boosted immune system function

·        Improved circulation and blood flow

·        Reduction in headaches and migraines

·        Promotion of overall physical well-being

Mental Benefits:

·        Calming of the mind

·        Reduction in anxiety and tension

·        Enhanced emotional balance

·        Increased mindfulness and self-awareness

·        Improved ability to cope with stress

·        Heightened sense of inner peace

·        Greater mental clarity

·        Promotion of positive thinking

·        Strengthening of focus and concentration

·        Facilitation of emotional release and healing

Spiritual Benefits:

·        Deepened spiritual connection

·        Increased intuition and insight

·        Greater self-awareness and self-discovery

·        Alignment with one’s life purpose

·        Strengthened connection to the universe or higher power

·        Facilitation of spiritual growth and transformation

·        Opening of the heart chakra

·        Heightened sense of gratitude and compassion

·        Promotion of a sense of oneness with nature and the cosmos

Full Moon Meditation Today

Full moon meditation today has become much easier. Thanks to the abundance of resources available. To start with, grab a comfortable spot, maybe under the night sky where the full moon’s gentle light can touch you. You can follow a simple full moon meditation script, guiding your mind through relaxation and positive thoughts.

To enhance the experience, check out some soothing full moon meditation music. It can also make the whole process even more peaceful and enjoyable. If you’re unsure where to start, hop onto YouTube for guided full moon meditation sessions. Just type in “full moon meditation” in the search bar, and you’ll find plenty of helpful videos.

It’s like having your serene guide to lead you through this lunar journey. So, take advantage of these resources and let the full moon meditation bring tranquility to your day.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

Here is a list of simple, common questions and answers about full moon meditation.

What Not To Do During Full Moon?

·        Avoid starting new projects impulsively

·        Refrain from making major decisions

·        Stop unnecessary conflicts or arguments

·        Resist taking on excessive responsibilities

·        Avoid holding onto negative emotions

·        Avoid overexertion or exhaustion

What Is the Moon Mantra for Full Moon?

The moon mantra is a special mantra that makes you feel more connected to the moon. When you say this mantra out loud, it can help you spiritually connect with Lord Chandra, who is the god of the moon.

Om Som Somaya Namah

Om Shram Shreem Shraum Sah Chandramasay Namah

Meaning – Born while churning the milk ocean.

Om Kameshvaryai Namaha

Meaning – Salutations to one who fulfills desires

Om Bhagamalinyai Namaha

Meaning – Salutations to one who wears the garland of prosperity

Om Nityaklinnayai Namahaa

Meaning – Salutations to one who is ever compassionate

Why Shouldn’t You Do Yoga on a Full Moon?

·        Increased energetic sensitivity during a full moon

·        Heightened emotions and energy levels may affect the yoga practice

·        Full moons are associated with balance. So, doing yoga may disrupt this equilibrium


In conclusion, the Full Moon Meditation shows that the moon is more than just a bright light in human life. It holds a special energy that can influence people’s emotions and well-being. Thus, by embracing Full Moon Meditation, we can tap into a serene journey and foster a sense of peace within us.